Monday 6th April 2015

How can you ensure that your students don’t lose precious marks in their exams as a result of poor quality handwriting?

Students with poor quality handwriting are at a greater risk of losing marks in their exams as the examiner is likely to find some, or perhaps most, of their handwriting illegible.

For many older students particularly, it is not the case that they have no intentions of putting the effort into making their handwriting legible for others, but rather that they have a learning difference known as dysgraphia.

Dysgraphia is a neurological disorder, recognised by The Disabled Student’s Allowance for Student Finance England, whereby students are impaired at writing by hand.

Those with dysgraphia will very often have poor visual spacing skills, language processing skills, fine motor skills, memory retrieval, pen/pencil grip and writing posture, which are all factors that contribute to their handwriting being of poor quality.

By identifying and supporting your students in overcoming dysgraphia it can prevent them from losing marks as a result of their handwriting and may also enable them to qualify for additional support in their exams.

At Dysgraphia Help we offer an online dysgraphia test for students (over the age of 8) for £36.86.

When the student has completed the test and a handwriting sample has been sent to us you will receive a detailed report within 72 hours on whether or not we believe them to have dysgraphia.

If we do believe that dysgraphia is present, you will also receive some supporting information on dysgraphia and some activity materials for the student to work through.

You can find more information about dysgraphia and testing for dysgraphia at: or alternatively you can email

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