Monday 2nd March 2015

Messy handwriting or something else?

We all have our own standards as to what we constitute as messy handwriting.


Some people’s handwriting will continue to improve, many others will remain at a consistent standard throughout their life regarded as acceptable, and for a few their handwriting will remain, well, underdeveloped and messy.


The reason for some people’s handwriting remaining underdeveloped and messy is not usually because they are disinterested in writing by hand and/or don’t have any intention of making their handwriting legible for others, but rather because they have dysgraphia.


Dysgraphia is a neurological disorder which can be defined as “a disorder in written expression”. It is a Greek term which in English translates to “impaired at writing by hand”.


An individual with dysgraphia will very often have problems with language processing, their fine motor skills, memory retrieval, their pen/pencil grip, their handwriting posture and visual spacing – all of which contribute to messy handwriting.


Many use our online dysgraphia testing as a preliminary diagnosis of dysgraphia and use the supporting information and activity materials to improve their handwriting abilities – sent to you via email if we believe dysgraphia to be present.


For more information on testing for dysgraphia please go to or alternatively you can email


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