Friday 14th August 2015

What more can be done to support pupils in improving their handwriting?

Many children who aren’t able to grasp the fundamental handwriting techniques and a handwriting quality expected for their age don’t typically benefit from “yet more handwriting practice”.

Instead, the reason as to why the pupil’s handwriting isn’t up to the expected standard needs to be identified, whether this is as a result of poor fine motor skills, visual spacing abilities, memory retrieval, language processing or incorrect handwriting posture or pen/pencil grip.

And it is this which should be supported and requires practice and not the handwriting itself.

With this in mind we have developed the Overcoming Dysgraphia Workbook which provides activities for pupils to work through to support them in developing the fundamental skills that handwriting demands, and in turn, their overall handwriting ability. The workbook is organised into four sections: Drawing, Writing, Planning and Improving memory.

Drawing is a great place to start in improving handwriting as it exercises, and thus develops, fundamental fine motor skills.It also presents the opportunity to correct any bad habits, such as holding a pencil incorrectly or sitting with bad posture.

The Writing section of the workbook ensure that the basic concepts of handwriting have been mastered. It also encourages conscious thinking about what is being written and how it is being written. The activities aim to improve students’ fine motor skills, information processing abilities, language processing abilities and visual spacing abilities.

Planning before writing enables pupils with underdeveloped handwriting to organise their ideas beforehand so that more attention can be focused on the handwriting itself. The activities in this section aim to develop skills such as ordering, visualisation and self-improving one’s writing, and can be used and applied to the planning of any writing task.

The Improving memory activities will enable pupils to more readily recall information from their long term memory and hold it in their short term memory for longer, allowing them to take more time over their handwriting (not quickly scribbling the information down in fear of forgetting).

The Workbook can be ordered from our website either in PDF (£14) or as a paperback (£26). Paperback currently unavailable.


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