Sunday 4th October 2015

Why your workforce might be more diverse than you think.

Companies, large and small, are under pressure (to differing extents) to ensure that the diversity of their workforce is similar to that of the diversity of the people in the local area.

Large companies are typically pressured by charities and the government, whereas smaller companies are typically pressured by morality. Yet in terms of abilities and disabilities, your workforce might be more diverse than you think.

This is because many people go their whole life, living and working with a specific learning difference which they are completely unaware about as it was never identified when they were at school.

The more well-known specific learning difference is, of course, dyslexia. However, in this category we also have dyspraxia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia – which are unknown to many (including some teachers).

It is therefore highly likely that some of your employees will have specific learning differences, or neurodiversity, as it is sometimes referred to.

Dysgraphia, for example, can be defined as a disorder in written expression. It is actually a Greek term which in English, translates to “impaired at writing by hand”.

In fact, Dysgraphia Help offer an online dysgraphia test (which a number of schools use to test for dysgraphia among their pupils) for £36.86 per person.

After the employee completes the online test and we receive a sample of their handwriting, they will receive a detailed report on whether or not we believe dysgraphia to be present.

If we do believe that the employee has dysgraphia, they will also receive some supporting information on dysgraphia and a number of activity materials they can work through to improve their handwriting.

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