Why an increasing number of schools are using the dysgraphia testing services of Dysgraphia Help over an educational psychologist.

An increasing number of schools are using the testing services of Dysgraphia Help over the testing services of an educational psychologist to test for dysgraphia among their pupils for not one, but two reasons.

The first is to obtain a preliminary diagnosis of dysgraphia so they know which pupils would benefit most from being put forward for more expensive and lengthy testing.

In doing this it has proven for many to be much more cost and time effective as an educational psychologist can cost up to £800 and there can sometimes be a lengthy waiting list.

The second reason for schools choosing the testing services of Dysgraphia Help over those of an educational psychologist is that we provide pupils with activity materials to support them in overcoming dysgraphia once it has been identified.

An educational psychologist usually only provides a diagnosis and not a way forward.

Our online dysgraphia test costs £32 per pupil and is suitable for pupils aged 8 and over.

The test consists of 50 questions and after the pupil completes the test and a handwriting sample has been submitted, you will receive a Dysgraphia Test Report.

And as mentioned previously, if we believe dysgraphia to be present you will also receive a number of supporting activity materials free of charge.

For more information about dysgraphia, please visit www.dysgraphiahelp.co.uk

And for more information about testing for dysgraphia, please visit www.dysgraphiahelp.co.uk/testing-for-dysgraphia/

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